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Save North American DBZ Headquarters
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    The writers of this petition thank you for taking the time to sign, and help make American Dragonball Z as good as the original: 

    SSJ Leia

     Talk to Gen Fukunaga!
     Everything FUNimation pumps out to the public has to go through one man.  Every episode, every toy, it all has to go by this man first, before the public sees it.  He has the power to reject a product and send it back to be fixed.  If we can let this man know exactly how we feel, he can use that power in our favor, and in favor of the series.  This man is Gen Fukunaga, CEO of FUNimation Productions, Inc.  All we have to do is send him a letter.  Not an e-mail, but a good, old fashioned letter, and mail it right to him.  But for him to listen to us, and even respond, we're gonna have to literally FLOOD him with letters!  This man needs to be inundated with fanmail, all asking for three things: 

    1.  The original background music
    2.  Scripts directly translated
    3.  Better voice acting

    Please remember to keep your letter SHORT; no one wants to read a long letter.  Keep it simple and to the point.  Don't be rude and obnoxious, be polite, and firm.  Positivity works infinitely better than negativity, so please, behave and don't be a moron!  Don't forget to mention that you will gladly pay money for their product, once they start implementing our pleas.  One very important thing to say is thank him for the subtitled DVDs, but you want to have a DUB that is exactly like the sub!!  Don't forget the dub is what gets broadcasted, and what gets seen by the general public, so tell him that you want a DUB that has these three things!!  This is very important if we want to ever see our show salvaged! We have to send LOTS AND LOTS of letters to Mr. Fukunaga, so he can see just how much we want our original DBZ!  When you finish writing your letter, please put this address on the envelope: 

    Gen Fukunaga, CEO
    Funimation Productions, Inc.
    6851 North East Loop 820, Suite 247
    Ft. Worth, TX 76180

    Please, please, please, help us out by sending letters to Gen.  Only send one letter per person, but you can have other family members and other friends send letters also.  Sending letters is a vital part of our petition, and we need to have as many sent to him as humanly possible!